Drawing Progress: "Dobby" (Harry Potter)

I have been a fan of Harry Potter since I was a child. One of the cool fun facts about me in relation to the series is that I was the same age as the characters when the extraordinary franchise first began. My parents used to read the series to my brother and I as children. As we grew older they started checking out the audio books from the public library. I know for some that may be a lost art but for us back then it created bonding for us as a family. On our way to school we would listen to the audio books to get our days started in the mornings. I can say it always gave me a spark of imagination and creativity.


TIme lapse video of my Dobby drawing

This piece was created for fun to show appreciation for my beloved childhood and to continue to polish my skills, but also it was a piece I started as a way to help relieve everyday stress. I wanted to captivate drawing in a new way using a different medium and platform to show the range of my skills as well as the products and software I used.


iPad Pro

& Apple Pencil (Software: Procreate)

In this drawing I wanted to go outside the box and use a medium that relates most to my current community and society. I chose to integrate studio art with mobile technology. The use of the iPad Pro 9.7 inch in combinations with the innovative Apple Pencil, using the program Procreate made it feel as though I were still using pencil and paper. Being able to use simple gestures such as shading were made easy and effortless. 


Many have asked what my process looks like to creating a successful work of art. I can honestly say it always starts with a plan, what I want to draw, what medium would I like to create it with, and what the piece will mean to me. I enjoy the many surprises that come with drawing. There will be times when you feel lost and not know which direction to continue or sometimes you have been working for so long you start to see things that are not on the page but rather in your imagination of what you think the artwork should look like. My motto when focusing on drawings of realism are to always draw what you see. 


Value & Shading