January 1994

My First Drawing: The Beginning

My first drawing as a child is what I believe began my journey of creativity.

From a young age I was always encouraged to explore creative thinking, expand the range of my gifts, and train my talents. Some examples were of course the arts, music; such as piano lessons, musicals, church choirs, and journal writing.

My parents were never the type to hinder the growth that could come of my creative curiosity. They were there every step of the way from helping me pick out the perfect crayon as a child to selecting my first MacBook Pro and beginning my education as a graphic designer in college. This drawing not only reminds me of the joy I felt learning how art was expressed for me, but also about growth and how far I have come as a childhood artist.

"January 1994" Family Portrait. January 1994.

"January 1994" Family Portrait. January 1994.

I remember this drawing, the moments, and how I felt. It was the start of the year and I remember vividly the day was peaceful and we were home as a family. To some, a moment like this could have been easily overlooked or forgotten. I believe that if this drawing had not been made, I may not have had the same appreciation for art as I do today. This piece represents a small wrinkle in time that progressed into a profound love for family, a lifestyle of ambition towards success, and artistic nirvana.

Here’s to sharing more memories and art in the future.